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is the Best

So what makes US different?

Why not just add the liquid from olive jars?  Olives are picked from trees and put in barrels with brine until they are cured to their desired flavor. The olives are then packed into jars with water and salt and sent to market!  This is precisely why martinis made with the olive jar liquid are watery, inconsistent in flavor and lack true olive taste.  We at Dirty Tony’s use the genuine ingredient - - brine.

Dirty Tony's IS ACTUAL MOTHER BRINE. Dirty Tony’s is ultra-concentrated, so it won’t water down your martinis. A little goes a long way!  Other olive “juices” on the market are made of water, salt and added flavors, not brine.  Dirty Tony’s is the real deal!

Dirty Tony’s is also unfiltered. The natural olive particles give Dirty Tony’s extra olive punch.  The sedimentation you see at the bottom of the bottle is part of the brine which keeps our product full of olive flavor and aroma. Don’t be alarmed, just give it a good shake. The “dirty” is what makes it delicious!


Born in the USA

In 2017, I made the decision to dust off Dirty Tony’s and start improving the lives of Dirty Martini lovers everywhere.​​

As a first generation American, my dad loved this country and the opportunities it had given him.  We were one of a few families in our town who flew the American Flag on a pole with a light shining on it in our front yard.

I hope to instill the same American values and love of this country that my dad had in my own children. As a small business owner I do all that I can to support the USA. For that reason, Dirty Tony’s is proudly made and bottled right here in the Great State of Texas.


So, add a splash of Dirty Tony’s and "Make the Ultimate Dirty Martini". You might just find yourself making some lasting memories of your own . . . 




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