Slippery Sam  

Dirty Tony

Andy the Greek

One week, Sam asked Andy to bring him some olive juice from the office and my dad couldn’t understand why. “I love adding it in to my Martinis! It’s delicious!” Sam explained. 

Andy had an “Aha!” moment…and the idea of bottling olive juice for Dirty Martinis was born…

So, who was Dirty Tony? One Saturday night at the steakhouse, a new waiter served Andy and Sam, and my dad recognized him immediately. “I know you!” he exclaimed. “You’re that waiter from Sparks Steakhouse in New York City!”

Sure-enough he was.  And from that day on, “Dirty Tony” joined the crew of characters on Saturday nights at the steakhouse, where good times led to good ideas (and sometimes not-so-good ideas).

For those who knew my dad, it comes as no surprise that business and pleasure were one and the same. From loyal friendships cultivated at a steakhouse on Saturday nights, he launched Dirty Tony’s Olive Juice more than 25 years ago. There was no internet and social media at the time, so sales relied solely on word of mouth by loyal customers. Dirty Tony’s always took a back seat to my dad’s distribution business, but he was proud of how it was the key to making the best Dirty Martini.  He knew then, and I know today, that it is something special.

Andy the Greek, Slippery Sam, and Dirty Tony have all since moved on.  But Andy’s premium olive juice is still enjoyed by friends everywhere creating memories of their own . . . 

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